Megan is a 27 year-old illustrator who lives in Chicago with her boyfriend Harry and their corgi, Harls Barkley (AKA Harley).  

Megan was born and raised in a tiny town called Lincoln, MO, which is located near the Ozarks.  She grew up drawing dragons, unicorns, and wildlife like deer, and horses while being heavily inspired by Lisa Frank--there is not a time she doesn't remember drawing and wanting to be an artist when she grew up.  She spent mot of her free time trying to improve her drawings and playing too many video games.  After moving to slightly bigger city called Sedalia, MO, she attended a community college for a couple years before deciding to not attend university and instead pursue her art career full time.  At 25, she moved to Chicago and has been loving every minute of it.  

She and Harry are both huge fans of pop culture, and as such, most of their work involves homages to various styles and pop culture icons throughout the ages.  They do, however, also enjoy working on original pieces.  Megan works in Photoshop almost exclusively, while Harry primarily uses Inkscape and pencil and paper.  

Megan has been thrilled to work with clients such as Dark Horse comics, Quantum Mechanix, Teefury, The Yetee, and a host of other amazing people! She has created prints and tee designs for shows, comics and movies such as Firefly, Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog, The Guild, Battlestar Galactica, Marvel properties, Monty Python and Valve. 

Currently private commissions are mostly closed, though I'm always interested in creating more comic book covers or working with licensed characters,.

In addition to nerdy endeavors, Megan is also a hair and makeup fanatic.  Other hobbies include sculpture, reading, RuPaul's Drag Race, meticulously organizing her makeup collection, learning more and more about comics and struggling to maintain good posture.